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OMFG *bangs head on desk* (long and probably rpotd)

i *hate* calling customer service, especially when i'm talking to "Jenny" in Mumbai. (maybe that's racist? she could live in Delhi.)

the language barrier is a pain in the ass, and reading from your manual is not going to tell me where my package is. 

Fact: Order placed on 1/1
Fact: E-mail confirmation of order received on 1/1 stating: 
"We’ve processed your order and will ship it within 24 hours. As soon as your order ships, you’ll receive another email with your shipment tracking information. 

Rest assured, your package will arrive within 2 to 5 business days."
Fact: as of 1/4, I still have not received tracking info. 

I'm reasonable - I know that 1/1 was a holiday and item may not ship until 1/3, so the fact that i do not have shipping info/confirmation by 1/4 bothers me. 

I tried the online chat, first. All I want is confirmation that my package has shipped and tracking info. CSR tells me that it's still in the warehouse, will probably ship on Monday. Not acceptable - you're charging me almost $20 to ship, and you can't turn it around in the 24 hours you stated (or hell, 48)? it's going to take nearly a week just to *ship* my package (+2-5 days transit)? Hell No. 
They refund the shipping charge, and I ask them to send it expedited at their cost so i can still get it by 1/9. (we're leaving on the 10th, i don't want a package sitting out our porch for 5 days - if it shipped by the 3rd, I should have had it by the 9th). He tells me he put in the request to do so then ended the chat. 

I'm not satisfied, so I call the hotline (to make sure it was actually done - (i know, i'm one of those people). So "Jenny" the CSR tells me that it has already shipped and i will probably have it on the 7th. WTELF? I question this, as not 15 minutes earlier I was told it would not ship until Monday. So was it express shipped in the time it took me to place the call? Jenny puts me on hold several times to "talk to her supervisor" and then finally transfers me to her supervisor. "Let me put you on hold for 2 minutes so i can discuss your problem with my supervisor before i transfer your call." 

B!tch, please. You've already put me on hold 3 times to "talk to your supervisor" - I think she should know enough about my issue by now that you don't need another conference. So i call her on that and tell her I'll hold. 

(as an aside, someone needs to review and update the damn scripts. things like this ^^^ don't lend any credibility to the situation)

so after 10 minutes on hold, I get on the phone with the supervisor who tells me that my package has "absolutely left our warehouse to go to fedex" but they don't have the tracking info from fedex yet. so i ask when the package was given to fedex.
"probably on 1/2 or 1/3, but it could have been today." 
"so you don't know when, but you know that it happened?" 
"um......not to say that I don't believe you, but you're the 3rd person that i've spoken with, and all 3 of you have given me different responses - so 2/3 of you are wrong. you're not doing anything to convince me that you know what you're talking about. i don't get this at all. how long does it take to get tracking information? i ordered a pair of shoes from Zappos at 9pm last night, and I already have the tracking info for them." 

final resolution - the supervisor will call me today or tomorrow as soon as they have tracking info. if i don't receive the package by 1/9, they'll give me another $50 refund off the product price. If it's not delivered (or was stolen) by the time we return home, they will express ship a new package to me. 

Re: OMFG *bangs head on desk* (long and probably rpotd)

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    There are more than 4 vendors in the world, Barbie. Time to DTMFA. :)

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    seriously. i think Zappos and Amazon Prime have spoiled me. 
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    I used to work at a call center when I was in college. You know you can ask for an American Representative and they'll transfer you? As long as it's during a reasonable hour. 9 out of 10 times it works for me. Hopefully if we get enough people doing this, they'll stop outsourcing this job.
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