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I want to blackball my nanny for sleeping with my husband.

Q. Stopping Former Nanny From Sleeping With Other Dads: My children attended a wonderful preschool until they turned 5. When our youngest child left the preschool my husband and I hired their favorite caretaker, twentysomething Kate, to be their part-time nanny. Over the past three years, Kate has practically become part of our family. Last year, I wrote her a recommendation that helped her gain entry into a prestigious special-education college program. Last week, I found out Kate and my husband have been carrying on an affair for two years. I don't know yet if my marriage will be salvageable, but Kate is no longer working for us. I know Kate wants to continue to work as a child care provider. I think that if most moms and facilities knew about her past, they wouldn't give her the time of day. I'm also worried she'll betray other families the way she betrayed mine. I'm not sure how to make sure she doesn't work in a child care setting without going down a seriously psychotic path, like mass-emailing every day care in our city. Should I do my best to forget about Kate? Or is there a sane and justified way I can keep her from hurting other families?

Re: I want to blackball my nanny for sleeping with my husband.

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    6fsn6fsn member
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    I'd want to blackball my husband.
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    This sounds like a Lifetime movie. The nanny is going to run her off the road and assume her position as mom.

    I know I saw a Lifetime movie about this.
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    mrsconn23mrsconn23 member
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    Maybe we should have a day where we match the  advice column letter to the Lifetime movie plot.  :)
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    DE-ball the husband is more like it.
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    I cannot believe she's trying to salvage a marriage after a 2 year affair.  I think that's the highest form of betryal and I wouldn't stick around, period.  She's crazy on multiple levels.
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    In Response to Re:I want to blackball my nanny for sleeping with my husband.:[QUOTE]I'd want to blackball my husband. Posted by 6fsn[/QUOTE]

    Black and blue ball would be more like it.
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