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AW-ing my kid: the Woozle's Best Friend

So the Wooz has always been friendly with the kids at school.  In the spring, she went through a phase where she mostly liked playing with the boys and talked about Daniel a lot.  As summer wore on, she switched over to playing with the girls exclusively.  For the past month or so, she has had a best friend named Nora, and she is crazy about this girl.  It's adorable and funny--everything is "Nora" this and "Nora" that. 

"What was the best thing that happened at school today?"
"Playing with Nora."

"How do your new shoes fit?"
"Good.  Nora will like how sparkly they are.  She really likes sparkly shoes."

So we invited Nora (and her mom) for a play date Sunday, and the Woozle is over the moon.  She's already said like three times "I'm going to share my toys with Nora.  That's how you be a good friend."  For my part, I like this kid:  she seems fairly bright and not obnoxious, which is pretty much all that I ask.  As long as I don't have to drag out the "bad influence" thing, I'm happy. 

I think this is the first time she's had any sort of a meaningful relationship with anyone she's not related to, so it's kind of a big deal. 

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