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I am venting a little about New Guy

He is so scattered.  I need him, because of his job function--it's not something I can do myself, and so far he has done a good job on the nuts and bolts.  But he is older than I am--and not by a couple of years, I'd guess he's in his late forties--and I feel like I have to do way too much following up with him, managing his workload, etc.  He is disorganized, and because I am pretty organized, this grates on me.

We have a meeting in half an hour.  Someone emailed updated information for one of my projects on Tuesday.  New Guy was in my office, we called the sender, Sender was on speaker, and I asked if he thought it was credible enough that Sender was confident in recommending we change something.  He said yes.  New Guy was right there.  I asked New Guy to update it before today's meeting, and he said no problem.

Fast forward, it's not done, I ask him about it, and he says he thought we weren't changing it.  Except two people asked him to (Sender and I), and he said okay.  Now I'm not going to have a chance to really review it before this meeting, so let's hope I can fly by the seat of my pants without looking like it.

We'll be in meetings, and a whole group of us will discuss something, and then afterward New Guy will ask me something that was just covered in our meeting.  And I'm okay with this on occasion--no one catches everything, and in general I don't mind clarifying if something is unclear.  But this is big stuff--not dates, percentages, etc. but "Should we do X or Y?" and we agree on X and New Guy thinks we said Y.  So when he grasps exactly what he needs to do, he executes well, but getting him to that point takes up a LOT of my time and effort.

I gave it some time--I thought maybe I wasn't being as clear as I should be, or he was just getting used to things here, but now I've seen it multiple times with multiple people and it's pissing me off.

Also, this is a right-to-work state, and every time he cracks his knuckles, I take comfort in knowing that that can be a fireable offense here.  <-- (I would not really do that, but it makes me feel a little better.)

Re: I am venting a little about New Guy

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    i wanted to love your new guy as much as i loved taw's new guy - but your stories give me anxiety every time i read them. i could only imagine your personal frustration.
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    I sometimes pretend they're the same person so I can hate him all over again.
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    Does he report to you? Is this something you can bring up in his next performance review? This is not just hurting you; this could very well hurt the company. It needs to be corrected; this is not just your personal beef. 
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    if you're not his supervisor, you may want to discuss with his supervisor - I'm with baconsmom on this.
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    Or you can go the route that most people at my company follow:  Complain bitterly behind his back, maybe take away good work and give him crappy stuff to do that he can't mess up, but never, under any circumstances, actually be a grown-up and explain the problem to him.  That might hurt his feelings.

    I benefit from this particular arrangement at my job, so I won't be moving anytime soon.

    I just a friendly gal looking for options.

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    In Response to <a href=" Topic Wedding BoardsForum:47Discussion:ec586402-97f8-465d-9f38-b4467728a4edPost:7a1cc945-4890-4120-98ec-34604c8dedb9">Re: I am venting a little about New Guy</a>:
    [QUOTE]Does he report to you? Is this something you can bring up in his next performance review? This is not just hurting you; this could very well hurt the company. It needs to be corrected; this is not just your personal beef. 
    Posted by baconsmom[/QUOTE]

    He does, and I've made a mental note of it for "areas for improvement," and I try to address it on a case by case basis.  This afternoon, I told New Guy that when he, Sender, and I were on that call, we all agreed that New Guy would update it prior to the meeting, and New Guy said he forgot and then apologized profusely, but whatever--all this is taking time out of my day. 

    I don't expect perfection, but since he is the oldest and most experienced, I expected that he'd require the least amount of hands-on managing and hand holding.  It hasn't quite worked out that way.
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    New guy needs to get himself a damn notebook.

    (for cereal, I will forget what I agreed to do within 5 minutes of a conversation.  I keep post-it's on my desk and a stack of notecard-thingys on my keychain.  So when boss talks to me, I write down things so I don't look stupid)
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