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How would you spell it?

SIL is naming baby #2 Jocelyn.  Or at least that is how I want to spell it.  Not my kid.

BIL thinks she should spell it "easy" so the kid can spell it.  Yeahhhh.  So how would you spell it?

Re: How would you spell it?

  • I'm not sure there is an "easy" spelling for that.  I'd guess Jossalynn maybe?  I like your spelling better.
  • I think your way is "normal."
  • Joselyn or Jocelyn or Josielynn. Those are the ways I've seen it spelled, although the last version was a hybrid of Josie (grandma 1) and Lynn (grandma 2) so it wasn't pronounced the same as the other two.
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  • I've always seen it (and used it in my first novel) as Jocelyn.

    But it's moot - no one can spell names anymore anyway. I get mail addressed to Kathrin - from companies for whom I have spelled my name (Catherine)! No one cares, and everyone will mess it up. Bacon gets things addressed to Bakon. I'm amazed H doesn't get things addressed to "Aitch", as it were.
  • You BIL does realize that she won't be a kid forever, and that it really sucks for adults to have names with jacked up spellings, right?
  • Jocelyn, though I've also seen Joslyn.  I prefer the first but I also don't find the second terribly jacked up.
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