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I had an unreasonable meltdown last nigh

migraine meds weren't working well (I wasn't in *that* much pain, but some.  But even minor pain can wear on you when it's weeks and weeks.  which this is)
I haven't slept properly in about 2 weeks (one of my 'auras' is bad insomnia)
I have weirdleg-pains (which may be related to migraine meds) that bring me to tears
and the FRICKIN BATH BROKE .  I can shower, but I can't take a bath, the do=-jobby you pull to make water come out the shower head instead of the tub popped right off (it's not fixable easily, it's going to need to be replaced).  If I use a hammer push it down, I'll only be able to bathe, not shower, until it's fixed which isn't a good answer.

All I wanted was to, since I couldn't sleep, take a bath to help my leg, but the bath broke.
So I cried.

And took a shower, more meds, and went to bed.  And refused to get up this morning.  *just* made it to work, finally.

My parents, bless 'em,  are going to keep Buffy overnight from Friday to Sat so I can have a day and sleep.  Because apparently I"m cracking up.

Re: I had an unreasonable meltdown last nigh

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    Really not that unreasonable to have a little cry ... If you'd gone screaming into the street and such, THAT would be unreasonable!

    Why do things always go awry at the most inopportune times?? Stupid bath tub thingamajig. 

    Hope you get some rest and feel MUCH BETTER soon!
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    I understand and don't blame you for the meltdown.   Migraine pain is like no other. 

    However, if you really wanted to take a bath, couldn't you just let the shower water fill up the bathtub?
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    GBCKGBCK member
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    I tried that AF, the water wouldn't get hot enough to help w/ the pain when it was from the showerhead, I think it looses to much heat or something.  and it took forever.

    I eventually used the shower-head to 1/2 fill it up and then added a teakettle of boiling water...the Mr. helped w/ that because he's afraid I"m gong to scald off a leg.

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    I see.   I need the water to be really hot as well.

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