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I hope this isn't a sign of the year

6let is sick for the first time since pneumonia at 6 months old.  I've had diarrhea since Saturday morning.  DH has a sore throat.  I hope this isn't an omen.

Re: I hope this isn't a sign of the year

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    You justn need one more and you can be the 4 horsemen of the Apocolypse.

    Hope you all feel better :(
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    ::sprays post with Lysol::

    I hope your clan is feeling better soon!!
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    It sounds like you  guys have a combination of what I had.

    I woke up on Thursday with a fever and chest congestion. We were still in Texas, so H went and got me some antibiotics (I asked Dr. HS to give me a prescription the last time I saw him, b/c I always get sick when we travel) and then he loaded up the car.

    By the time we got home (~3 hours), I was sore, achy, my glands were swollen and I was miserable. H got me some soup, which I ate, then promtly threw up and had diarrhea.

    My fever was gone by the next morning, but that is when the coughing started.

    It has been five days and I am feeling better, but I still have some green mucous. I'm well enough to work, so that is good. I hope this clears up soon.

    I hope the 6 house heals quickly.
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