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So I went there last night with 3 of my BM's (PIP will be tonight), and everything went really well! We walked in and the lady was so helpful, got their dresses, they tried them all on, and they all fit perfectly!!! I had heard that sometimes they screw up measuring, but they didn't, and was plesantly surprised! The dresses also cost lower then we thought they would!!Also, I saw my wedding gown there! My friends wanted to see it on because they hadn't yet, and so they asked the lady, who had NO PROBLEM letting me try it on to show them (I was really surprised, she knew I didn't get it there). Oh, and it was 200 bucks LESS then what I paid, ugh! I really wish I knew about B&G before I got my dress, because I would have gotten it there!No reviews on the alterations because my girls aren't doing them there. The dresses also came in, in about 2 months. I was called when they all arrived, and an e mail was sent to me as well. Two of my BM's still need to pick up their dresses, and I'm excited to go back! I highly rec. them!!!!!

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    I second the rec!! I went to a few places around Wilmington (my wedding is on the Mainline but I live in Wilmington) and Brides and Grooms was THE BEST. Not only did they have SO MANY dresses that were completely AFFORDABLE (my Maggie Sattaro-sp? wasn't even $600) but the girls are so HELPFUL! I email with Susan all the time, she is a doll. She helps with anything she can and is so sweet to work with!It doesn't look like much from the outside at all, which is why I didn't want to try it. But I was recommended by girls at work so I gave it a try. So glad I did!
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