Wedding Woes

Fed up and ready to hit someone

Ok, so I got engaged on my birthday in October 2010.  I set my date as September 10, 2011.  I introduced my sister to a man in November and now it is january and they are engaged.  My problem with this is that my sister is trying to use all of my ideas and even chose the same colors that i did.  She is also doing her wedding before mine and it really ticks me off.  she is 5 years older than me and is making this into a competition.  I am ready to pull myself from her wedding and also pull her out of mine.  I am so mad that I have spent 4 months of planning and now my wedding will look like I am copying her.  Also, our out of town guests will not be able to come to both so guess who they will be going to...............the one who sends out her invitations first.  Am I wrong to be pissed? 

Let me also mention that at 5 years older than me, she is living with my parents without a job and with no ambition to find one and now she is going to live in the apartments after she gets married that I was raped in at 17.  I am furious!  What should I do?
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