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Stupid security questions

Every so often, I log into a service and am asked to pick two or three security questions.  Lately I've found the options for questions to have either multiple answers or I can't spell the answer correctly.  And there is always at least one question I don't even remember what the answer would be, AKA stop asking the name of my favorite teacher.

And I refuse to have to write down the answers to my security questions.  That defeats the entire point of security questions.

And going with the topic of the day, this board is really slow and the ads at the side of the board are too freaking large.

Re: Stupid security questions

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    My mom had a printout on her desk that included the security questions and the answers for her bank account. Apparently the bank suggested printing out the page. My mom is the kind of person who prints out everything.
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    Sprint is the absolute worst about this.  You have to enter a 10 digit passcode as well as answering a security question.  Most of which were like, "What is your favorite hobby".  So, when I set up the account two years ago, who knows what that was.

    The lady was like, Do you want to set up a new 10 digit number?  I said, No.  She sat there for a minute and said, Can I ask why not?  I said, B/c I'm not going to REMEMBER a 10 digit number that can't have anything in common with my zip code, area code, phone number, or social security number.  I have enough things to do.  I would write it down, but I'm not always by my office when I need it on my CELL PHONE..

    She left me alone after that.  Now when I call, I just tell them, ask me this security question and here's the answer.  Now, gimme my info.
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