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Digital point & shoot cameras...Gah.  How many are there?  It seems too many.

Well, I'm between an Olympus Stylus and a Canon Powershot 1400.

I hate making decisions.  Anyone have input?

Also,  Iowa football hosts all kinds-evidence:

Demi & Ashton



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  • tawillerstawillers member
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    No input from me.  I'll probably be needing help in January when we buy our new camera.

    We watched the game yesterday and saw that they were there.  I'm glad Iowa is off to a good start.  I never thought I'd say that, considering I was born and raised as an Illini fan.  My dad would probably choke if he heard me say anything good about Iowa.

  • Sloane99Sloane99 member
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    I love my Powershot and it's really easy to use, plus to eliminate confusion it has ready-made settings for things like: kids and pets, fireworks, beach, indoors, etc. which is great for me since I love taking pictures, I just suck at it.
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    I've had several variations of the Canon Powershot, and I've been happy with each one.
  • 6fsn6fsn member
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    I have a Sony Cybershot that I love.  Things I appreciate- it is slim enough to slip in any pocket.  Also when you roll through the different settings it tells you on the screen what the setting is for.

    I made DH promise we'd get a DSLR before baby 2 comes along.  I need something that snaps faster then the point and shoots.
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    FI has a powershot and I love it. I'm awful at taking pictures and they still come out pretty decent.

    I also have the olympus stylus "tough" that I was given as gift because I put my previous digital camera through hell. I HATE it. But I don't know how much the regular one is like the tough one.

    With the stylus my pictures come out all blurry even when I have the "shaky hand" setting on and I feel like it takes forever for it to actually take pictures. The powershot almost never gives me blurry pictures and I just feel like it's easier to use.

    So basically, I say Canon powershot.
  • notamrsnotamrs member
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    Powershots are really good cameras.  I hate zooming with a button, though, so I really like the Minolta Dimage, which is a point and shoot that has a lens you can zoom like an SLR lens - it's much smaller than an SLR, though.  I have an A1 - I think the latest version is an A200.  Don't know what your budget is - looks like the A200 runs around $470. 
  • MNNEBrideMNNEBride member
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    My only input would be to get whichever one comes with a view finder - not just the screen.  When you are outdoors in bright light, it is very difficult to see the screen and having an actual view finder you can look through saves the day.
  • **O-Face****O-Face** member
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    H has an SLR, so I am looking for something much easier for me.  And easier to carry.  Thanks for all the input!
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