Wedding Woes

A wrench in my plans...

...or in the back of my legs.

I called my venue last night to set up the tasting for the reception--Now, when I booked my reception hall I did so not because it was my favorite, perfect venue, but because the Coordinator, Mike, was so stright forward, knowlegable, organized and reassuring. I felt that he would be able to take care of anything I had forgotten--and working 10 hour days while planning a wedding, thats important!

Well, I called to set up the tasting and the less-than-articulate employee informed me that Mike has RETIRED and he has recently taken over the position! My good-vibrations are out the window at this point...This new Coordinater does not give me confidence that this circus will go off without a hitch: I was bombarded on the phone with questions that had been resolved 6 months ago, or that didn't need to be answered for another 6 months!

Thanks for listening,

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