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My family may be the death of me!

My Dads side of the family is full of characters. They are all huge stoners and alcoholics. I'm not proud of it and I am trying to address my concerns with that aspect ASAP...but my main concern is their lack of social skills. My two cousins have been married in the past two years and NONE of them RSVPed and then showed up the day of and expected and got them to accommodate them. I will not tolerate this. It's the only thing I'm asking any of them to do and I figure it can't be that hard. Should I add a little message in with the invites to those I have concerns with saying they will not be accommodated if they do not RSVP. Any other advice would be lovely. Can't pick your family!!! Ugh.

Re: My family may be the death of me!

  • Even if members of the family are socially inept, I don't think you need to include anything to the tune of "if you don't RSVP..." 

    What I would suggest is follow traditional etiquette as far as your invitations go.  Otherwise you're making EVERYONE feel as though you are a Bridezilla, when really it's only a few people with problems.  Once you receive your RSVP's back, double check with your guest list and call anyone who didn't RSVP.  This can ensure that 1: they received the invite, and 2: what they plan to do as far as attending the wedding.

    If you do this, and the cousins tell you "no" on the phone, make sure you tell them that you have to turn in the numbers, and that if they change their minds, they have until X Date to tell you so.  

    Be overly polite... kill 'em with kindness!! Best of luck with the new family.  
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  • I agree with the "be overly polite." Also, if they do not RSVP, consider (as Kelly said) to give them a call and politely ask if they will be attending. When confronted directly like that, I am sure they will give you an honest answer.

    Good luck!
  • There's not much you can do about them being alcoholics, other than telling the bartender to cut off anyone who's getting a little rowdy.
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    if they don't RSVP via mail or whatever, then why not just call them and get confirmation?  Surely they have phones.

    oh, and no, please dont add a special note in there for them.
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