Who wants to be my guinea pig? Vinyl lettering for weddings.

So who wants to be my guinea pig?  I do vinyl lettering as a side business and decided to do some "just married" images for my back car window after the wedding and was thinking I could maybe even sell them on etsy if it turns out nice.  Anyone wanna be a guinea pig for me?  :)   I won't charge you, but promise to take a picture of your car or whatever you put the decal on so I can see!  I am thinking of doing car decals for the back windows or sides of cars, and another thing I could do would be a wall or floor decal w/ a couples monogramed initials.  Nothing crazy big - my machine can currently handle up to 22" inches one direction/endless the other direction.  Solid colors only.  Let me know your thoughts!  (and this isnt advertising cause it's FREE ... heh)  Basically I'm trying to find a side thing to do as a hobby so once we're married I can quit my job .. these etsy people make a killing, LOL.

Re: Who wants to be my guinea pig? Vinyl lettering for weddings.

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    Oooh - I would love to be your guinea pig!  Ill defiantely take pics - no prob...  My wedding is Sept 6, not sure if that time frame works for you...  My email is tonysgurl020406 at yahoo dot com if it works for you.  Thanks :)
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    Stephanie, YGM.Also - if anyone else wants to write to me, you can reach me at KBRwedding at gmail dot com
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