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did that get taken down?  lame.

Re: kpscallout

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    There was like a four thousand page whine about it on E a few weeks ago. Gohells (I think) was whining about it, and GBCK'd over it. Then they were all planning to email tumblr.

    I never read it so I wont miss it. I think the whole purpose of it was super lame, like a Burn book for adults.
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    someone gbckd over it?  AHAHAHAHAHAHA

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    I have no idea if she stuck with her GBCK, though. She said she'd already emailed to get her account deleted but then everyone was like "nooooooooooooooooooo, don't go. I LOVE YOU!!" and there was crying and gnashing of who knows if she came back due to popular demand.
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