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Think before you HIRE - Wedding Photography

A funny idea popped into my head the other day.  I was thinking of the way that digital photography has affected the wedding industry, mainly in terms of brides hiring an experienced professional.  In the past year, I have noticed a trend for some brides who only seem to look at cost;  they are often having friends, relatives, or inexperienced "photographers" shoot their wedding, without much thought of how this may impact them later down the road.  We have all heard the saying "You get what you pay for" but, for important once-in-a-lifetime events such as a wedding, brides cannot risk making a mistake which they will later regret.  Ok, on to my funny idea...

Imagine a man who has run into some hard times due to the current economic problems.  He hasn't been able to find work, and one day while at the park feeding pigeons, he thinks to himself "Hey, I think I would make a great surgeon!" The man rushes home to place an ad on Craigslist (and make a quick wall post on Facebook) telling the world that if anyone out there needs surgery, he is excited to get started.  He does admit that he has no prior experience, so he will provide his services at a greatly reduced rate, or even FREE!  The man is very passionate about helping people who are in great physical need, and is thrilled that he can start making a few extra bucks as well.

Can you see the connection?  Surgery is important.  And it pretty much has to be done right the first time.  No do-overs.  And the same is true about your wedding photography. You may have laughed at the story of the man who went from the park to a so-called surgeon; I mean who could trust him with their valued health, right? Just remember this when you hear someone thinking of trusting their wedding photography to someone who may not have the bride's best interest in mind. Friends don't let friends have bad wedding photography : )

Ron Anderson


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