Wedding Woes

DH needs to just stop...

I know he feels bad...but he needs to slow his roll...

He talked to the kiddo and he's doing MUCH better.  Which makes me happy. 

BUT, the kid ate *nothing* all day yesterday and has gotten crackers down so far today.  Also, he was still having issues on the other end this morning.  (I won't be graphic, but I've thrown away 2 pairs of underwear of his in the past 2 days) So, I think we really need to take it easy the next day or so and make sure he's out of the woods. 

Of course DH thinks that since the kid is doing better, we can have his party tomorrow.  And that we should go out to dinner tonight. 

I had to explain to him that even though the kiddo is feeling better, he still hasn't really eaten much solid food in the last 36 hours, so we need to see how crackers, soup, etc stay down.  And furthermore, we can't stop him from being 10 and if his friends come over tomorrow night, he'll be all sorts of bouncing off the walls, which could end in ANOTHER 3am wake up and with 5 other 10 year old boys in the house to boot.   I also had to suggest that the dinner out take place Sunday instead of tonight, again to give  the kiddo's belly time to rest and make sure the bug is really gone.

DH sounded so bummed, but I'm kind of irritated that I had to explain this all to him.  I told him how the kiddo just laid on the couch in agony yesterday for a long time. he was literally the most miserable I've ever seen him.  And he was not 100% this morning.  He was better, but he still needs to rest and get back to 100%.  ::sigh::

I hate feeling like mean mommy.

Re: DH needs to just stop...

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    This sounds an awful lot like the stomach bug I had back in Sept. It was a week of eating gently before I could eat normally without having the poops immediately after. Your H needs to take it easy, let the kiddo heal and then reschedule the awesome "I'm 10!!!" party stuff.
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