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Funny from last night

I had a dream that I was sitting in an art lecture class run by my old acting teacher R, with my friend K.  I was really bored in the art lecture and was being obnoxious.  Some man I know walks in and sits next to me and starts laughing.  I, for some reason, have my Mad Hatter hat on, pull my desk apart in the middle and start laughing manically.

Then I "wake up" in my dream, still with hat on and am laughing manically, thinking that I"m going to wake up DH.

Then I actually start physically laughing and wake myself up laughing.  DH said he'd never heard me laugh that way and was worried for a second that I was having a fit of some sort. I could not stop laughing for a good few minutes and I was laughing HARD.  It was the weirdest sensation to wake up laughing.

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