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so the post I was to busy to make yesterday re: my mom.

weekend before = really bad.

We're still dealing w/ a LOT of mental issues that likey stem from the chemo.
They're working on figuring out if it's metabolic but medical science cant' understand the BODY at this level yet, let alone the brain.

But she doesn't make sense.  She starts one sentence, and then finishes 4 sentences later in her thought process.  And if you question her, it hurts her feelings.

It's really hard.
And my dad is in denial.
And, as much as I hate to say this, my mom's version of 'slightly crazy' is such that it's really hard to know what is new and what is just her being, well, crazy.

But really, conversations went like this (plz note, you are allowed to find this funny.  It is.  It's also sad, but I'm focusing on funny)

Me:  *setting table [yes, I still set the table when I eat w/ my parents.  shutup]* Mom, what do you want to drink
Mom:  Milk w/ 2 ice cubes (note, this IS normal for her)
Me:  Okay, have a seat, I'll get it for you
*5 seconds elapse and I put 2 glasses of milk (one w/ 2 ice cubes) on the table, along w/ cider and pop and Buffy's sippy cup*
Mom:  Dad doesn't want ice in his milk.
Me:  Right, his is the cider.  *putting her glass in front of her*  I got it mom, 4 drinks, 4 people, we're all set.
Mom:  Oh.  So this must be yours *hands me glass w/ milk + 2 ice cubes--nevermind that I basically never drink milk and I dont' do ice in my drinks--ever.  Let alone milk*
and this is mine (taking the Mr's glass of milk).  I'll go put ice in it.
Oh, is taht for the baby?  *offering Buffy a sip of coke*

Yeah, that's how conversations are going.
ANd, suffice to say, that's not SO far from 'normal' so it makes it harder to figure out.

Re: so the post I was to busy to make yesterday re: my mom.

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    thatgrrrrlthatgrrrrl member
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    I don't think encephalopathy of this magnitude is common with chemo. Could there be an underlying situation that they're not catching (not that I want to worry you more)?
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    **O-Face****O-Face** member
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    Wow.  That sounds like a needle in a haystack.  THOUGH, obviously you know it is *just* this side of normal for your mom.  I really hope they get a handle on it...or at least assuage your fears a little.  Or answer your questions.  Really, any of those would be good at this point.
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    zsazsa-stlzsazsa-stl member
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    I'm sorry.  That has got to be rough to deal with. I think physical illnesses are easier to deal with than seeing a loved one's personality change or disappear. 

    If it was caused by the chemo does it reverse once it is out of her system?

    I just a friendly gal looking for options.

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    GBCKGBCK member
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    They're testing for underlying things...
    and honestly, 1/2 the doctors ahve been dismissive, the others ahve said "no idea"

    We ahd her hospitilized for, what was it, 2-3 weeks? to deal w/ it and it got better--but has been regressing a bit.
    It's 2 steps forward, 1 step back.

    In theory, as she gets stronger and the chemo is out of her system, it should get better, but, at least one doctor said it's basically tied to PTSD for her--and chemo/cancer/etc was just one MORE tramatic stress added to, well, a lifetime of tramatic stresses.  So maybe was the 'triggering event' for a mental breakdown that was 60 years in the making.
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    6fsn6fsn member
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    I'm sorry.  I agree with zsa that the mental illness has too be tougher to deal with.
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