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My Uterus -- Not a Pregnancy Announcement

Is trying to claw it's way out of my body.  It can't make up it's mind if it wants to go front or back, so it's going with both for now.

I have so much pain medication going through me, I might just be a little high.

I need a wrap around heating bad.  I love being at home on the mattress warmer with the heating pad on my tummy.  And my work is monotonous and boring.  Which is bad b/c it's kind of irritating me, but good b/c it's not requiring my brain, which is yelling Ouch at me, like I don't already know.

i just needed to complain for a minute.

Re: My Uterus -- Not a Pregnancy Announcement

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    Maybe you should go back to the scotch bar.  Scotch makes everything better.

    I'm so jealous you went to a scotch bar.

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    6, it really was a blast.  They had 51 different kinds of scotch.  Most of them were around the $8-$15 price point, which was good.  We've decided for our anniversary we're going to get the 40 year Speyside The MacAllan, which is $95.  I think that'll be the most expensive we've tried, beating the 25 The MacAllan.  We probably won't have another thing.

    That Indian single malt was AWESOME, if you ever run onto it.  It's called Amrut and I swear to you, it reminded me of hot mango chutney with these great fruit spice flavors in it.
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    Sorry about your wonky uterus.

    I'm not a scotch drinker, so the thing that stuck out to me was the mattress warmer. That sounds heavenly. But in FL and to DH, that would be grounds for divorce.
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    LS -- it's dual zoned!  :D
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    I know exactly how that feels. If you don't have a scrip for something good, get one. Your life will change. For the better. 
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    BMom, I have my yearly coming up in March.  I don't usually have such painful periods, but they seem to be increasing in severity.  If it's still this bad when I go for my yearly, I'll be having a serious conversation with my NP/OBGYN.
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