Wedding Woes

Speaking of things:

1. Is "Silent House" about ghosts or slashers? I don't want to see a slasher movie, but the synopses I've read online of the original movie don't say if it's super bloody people or violent ghosties. Anyone know?

2. I got a haircut. Technically, I asked for the same haircut, just shorter. She gave me shorter, and a bunch of layers, and now it looks really good in curls, but is there any way to do curls except an iron? It's too short for foamy rollers. And is there any way to keep a curl all day? L'Oreal used to make this curl activator, but they don't anymore, and I haz a sad about that. 

3. I'm going to see Mean Girls in a theatre tonight. How fun is that? 

4. I finally got hired by my church, AND I got a solo in one of our choral pieces last night. I'm pretty jazzed about that. 

Re: Speaking of things:

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