Wedding Woes

MOH & the bridal shower disaster

Had to vent this here and am not sure how to handle it

basically I orignally told my Bridesmaids and MOH I wanted my bridal shower to be a surprise.. turns out through various ways Ive found out waaayy too many details including the date-- no big deal really
EXCEPT-- on the invited my own mother noticed my MOH put the wrong address to the venue (which is still a surprise).. kicker is my fiance called her to tell her about the error and she never sent out a correction, so now Im panicking that people wont know the correct addy of the venue- in fact my mother wasnt even given the correct info

So basically my girls still think i dont know anything and yet im thinking its one huge mess... all i keep thinking is "its a party where you get gifts so dont complain"
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