**Loveface or any other DeSumma & Wexler brides**

Hey!  I saw in Val's blog you bought your bands w/ D&W...  I was just wondering how your experience was w/ Desumma?  Our bands were ordered back mid-June, we were told 3-4 weeks, and we still dont have them.  I spoke w/ my saleslady this moring and she couldnt give me a estimated time frame, or what really went on (as to why we still didnt have them), which Im a little irritated about.So basically, I just wanted to know how they treated you, and if you got your bands on time, as promised?TIA

Re: **Loveface or any other DeSumma & Wexler brides**

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    We had the easiest time dealing with them.  I never worked with a saleslady, always the owner or his son.  Sorry you are having problems with them.  Maybe give them a call and ask to talk to Bill?~
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