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The costume wedding history

I don't think I've told you guys this.

The reason I've gone balls to the wall with this wedding thing, is that it's my armor.  This wedding is going to be very difficult for DH and I.

The wedding is one of his old co-workers.  This means we are going to be seeing all of his old co-workers, including the boss who laid him off and the boss who made promises he couldn't keep re: hiring DH as a contractor after the fact.  Both of these men were very good friends in our lives until this mess happened (one of them was DH"s best man for the renewal).  We haven't communicated with either one of them since March.  DH (and I) are still very angry/hurt about what happened (helped start company, worked there 8 years, laid off w/no severance anything, no one told why DH was laid off/gone).  While I like to think that I've matured over the years and have a decent grip on my temper, I don't when it comes to someone hurting DH.  

I told DH that no one there is to know the difficulties we've struggled with since the layoff.  Which in the grand scheme of things, we're a million times better off than other people this has happened too, it just doesn't make it any easier.  As far as any of them are concerned, it's going to be the best thing to ever happen to us.

I know this makes me a wee bit insane and extrememly prideful.  So, yeah I"m insane and prideful, I'm just embracinig it.  ;)  And avoiding any drinks at the wedding.  :)

Re: The costume wedding history

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    I kinda understand the hurt that you both feel - I hope it all goes well and you're both able to keep emotions in check. 
    There's no doubt you'll have the best costumes there.   You're totally going to thunderjack the bride and groom.  ;)
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    IDK, AF.  I already know the minister is coming as a Jedi.  This might just be the most epic geek wedding ever.  :D
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    Well, it should be interesting regardless.  I would feel very similar to you...but in the end, at least you guys have retained your sanity (a bit). ;)
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    Can you wear a costume that would make it within character to punch them in the faces?  Like, Mike Tyson or something?
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