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I got a PM...

Distasteful Response



I've already clarified why I posed my question about having hair I'd just like to tell you that I don't appreciate being called a bridezilla.  And I especially don't appreciate you insinuating that my priorities in life are out of order just because I asked a question (I didn't ask if it was okay to steal, lie or cheat). 

 I happen to have taken care of people with severe coginitive and developmental disabilities for over five years.  It became my passion.  I now work for a company that creates phenomonal, customized equipment for people with disabilities.  I have talked to, learned from, and been humbled more by the people I see every single day than you, typing on your little posts, could ever imagine.

May I suggest to you a little less assuming?


I cannot find this thread, though. What's the Google string? I'm dying to know what I said to this lovely person. 


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