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Being responsible sucks

We just got our tax refund deposited.  I've already distributed the money and it wasn't for hookers and blow or even a beach vacation.  Stupid college funds.

Re: Being responsible sucks

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    Ha. I understand. I always put mine in savings, but not this year.

    I'M BLOWING IT!!!!!!

    *Not that I'm going to get much anyway*
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    we had to wait to submit our taxes for the energy credits. (the IRS isn't processing returns with these until March, so no reason to kill ourselves getting it in.)

    we're planning to pay off the rest of the energy upgrades, and ??? with the leftover. 

    ETA: also, the upgrades we made were a major win, and I would highly recommend that others consider doing the same, espeically if living in a hot climate or an older home. Even moreso if handy enough to DIY (which we didn't). Our power bill was under $95 in January - it's NEVER been that low. It's cut at least 25-33% off of our electric bill each month. I originally esitmated they'd pay for themselves in 3 years, but i think it will be even sooner (2-2.5). 
  • I had a really hard time estimating taxes this year so it was more than normal.  The kids better thank us some day.
  • Whatcha getting Nola?
  • I haven't even put our stuff together for the accountant yet.  People claim doing it yourself is super easy but I'm so afraid. 
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  • Yeah, we're paying in. Big. DH hasn't sat down to do our taxes yet but were hoping his bonus will cover why we have to pay. It really really sucks.
  • It's either going towards a party for the big 4-0 in Aug or on a trip this summer.
  • Our stuff is waiting for review from someone at work. 

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    [QUOTE]I haven't even put our stuff together for the accountant yet.  People claim doing it yourself is super easy but I'm so afraid. 
    Posted by alikatt17[/QUOTE]

    <div>it is - especially if you're not itemizing deductions. </div><div>
    </div><div>even if you itemize, one of the $30 tax software programs is more than sufficient. it walks you though, step by step. if you use one the next year, it will pull employer/address/etc. information from the previous year so it's less to enter. </div><div>
    </div><div>in 2010, we bought a house, sold a house, moved across the country, had a baby, DK was on unemployment for a few months in another state due to the move, we had a relo package, and the tax software was sufficient. </div>
  • Yes, I love Tax Cut and the H&R block ones. Easy easy.

  • DIY taxes are not a big deal, even if you are itemizing. but even if you are, i would suggest tax preparation software. i have been doing our taxes forever, and doing my own since i am 18. i think i had trouble only once, when i got a 1099 form in APRIL for goodness sakes, and had to file an ammended form.
  • I've done my own taxes since I was 17.  I prefer Turbo Tax, but I've used others and they all seem to be the same. 

    Also, any website will let you start your taxes for free and you can basically get through the whole process without filing.  I sometimes double check myself with another site to make sure the numbers come out the same.
  • Ok, I'll try it again this year.  I'm a smart person, I should be able to handle this. 
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  • Ali, it works if you organize all of your papers in categories, and don't rush. You can do it.
  • The only papers I have are two W-2s, a 1099, and something else from retirement.  We don't own anything and our medical bills weren't extravagent last year by any means.
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  • Girl, it's going to take you all of an hour and a half to do it, if that's all you have.

  • I'll try it tonight if I feel ok.  Still sick :(  I'd do it at work tomorrow if I wasn't so damn busy!
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  • We use turbotax and it's easy.  Last year was a doozy- baby, move, and consultant work and it was a piece of cake.  Give it a whirl.  I usually enter info over a couple of days then sit down for a solid chunk of time to review.
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    [QUOTE]Girl, it's going to take you all of an hour and a half to do it, if that's all you have. Chop...chop.
    Posted by NOLABridesmaid[/QUOTE]
    i'm seconding this.  most of that will be data entry. <div>
    </div><div>look at form x, enter box 1 here, enter box 2 here, etc. </div><div>do any of the following items apply to you, if so, check box: </div><div>etc. 
    </div><div>you can get a basic download through amazon for $20-30. you'll probably only need the basic package +state, if applicable. </div></div>
  • State farm has a discount and discover has $10 off turbotax.
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