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i have a diva cup question.

when you need to empty it, do you need to rinse it out before re-insertion?  i just see the timeline as:

go into bathroom and enter stall
remove cup and dump contents into toilet
leave stall, hands bloodied and holding plastic cup
rinse cup and re-enter stall
re-insert cup
leave stall, hands bloodied again and then wash hands

what if there is a line?  do you put a "hold" on the stall?


Re: i have a diva cup question.

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    That's how I imagine it would go.  
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    Please ask this on the green living board.

    Also, I must say that this post's title alone made me snort before I even opened it.

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    just rinse it in the toilet water. i can't imagine that this is any less hygenic than your scenario. flush first if you prefer fresh water.
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    If you leave the stall with bloody hands and pants around your ankles, a hold on the stall is implied.

    I just a friendly gal looking for options.

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    this is why i am sending zsazsa all the leftover valentine's day candy that i could find for 75% off.
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    mrsconn23mrsconn23 member
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    OMG, I am laughing like a loon over here.

    There are girls on my local that use it.  I can ask them how it works if you wish.
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    I am dying at this thread.   Maybe they just wipe it off?  I don't care if toilet water is fresh, that doesn't mean there aren't unseen poo remnants in the bowl..

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    The diva cup people say its perfectly acceptable to just wipe it off with toilet paper and reinsert, and wash it at a later, more convenient time.

    But yes. Before I read that, I also envisioned such a thing as this... and it put me off completely.

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    I have just learned my lesson on opening posts out of curiosity. I so could have gone the rest of my life without knowing such a thing exists. This is worse than the "family wipes" toilet paper I just learned about.
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    ViczaesarViczaesar member
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    I only empty it every 12 hours (longer if I'm being lazy or forget it's in...), so I do it in the morning and in the evening.  I never have to empty it in public.  However, if I did have to empty it in a stall for some reason I'd just wipe it out with toilet paper and put it back in.  It doesn't have to be washed with soap every time.

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    Also, there's no reason why your hands would be bloody from taking it out or emptying it.  Same with putting it in.

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