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Tuesday Things

1  - My mom started having chest pains yesterday and drove herself to the ER bc she couldn't get into the doctor. She's feeling better and the pain stopped after they gave her nitro, which is a good sign. More tests today, including a stress test, and then they'll *hopefully* release her.

2 - More tragedy whoring, but my cousin with CF and the double lung transplant is in chronic rejection. There is still hope, but it's a treatment that involves isolation for 1 year. Poor girl is only 22.

3 - Crossfit is kicking my ass. My abs are already sore from today, and they're still sore from Friday. Bad sign.

4 - Baby A hid my keys this morning, and we missed storytime at the library. We're going to head over there in a few minutes to renew what we borrowed and play a little bit.
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Re: Tuesday Things

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    I hate to hear that about your mom.  Was this a first time thing?
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    1.  Man, that is scary. I'm glad she recognized and took care of the symptoms.  Smart lady.

    2.  CF is so awful.  *vibes*

    3.  I have been eyeing crossfit for about 2 years...I don't want to pony up the $$$.  I'll just stick to torturing myself at home.  But I hear you....*grumbleRydergrumble*

    4.  The library has become my newest addiction...I go at least once a week.
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    Taw, this was the first time she'd ever experienced anything like this. I'm really glad she went to the hospital when the doc said she couldn't come in until tomorrow.

    O, I was against ponying up the money too. Certainly pricey. But I got a groupon for 20 classes for $20 back in January. I was super afraid to try the classes and kept putting them off until just now. Everyday is different, which is really nice. But that also means that some days are a LOT harder than others.
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    GBCKGBCK member
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    there's a lot of suck there, sorry.
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    I hope she gets some answers soon.  That's very scary.
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    Good luck with getting answers. I'm hoping for a big, fat, "it was indigestion"
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    Ugh, I farking hate CF.
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    6fsn6fsn member
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    That was smart of your mom.  Hopefully the tests all come back normal and it was just a fluke.

    CF is ugly business.  I can't imagine a year of isolation.  Poor kid.

    My bike has been kicking my butt.  My calves are looking awesome though. 

    Libraries are awesome.

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