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I look and feel like crap today

I showered, but I have no makeup on.  I've been going sans makeup, trying to get my skin under control.  I basically cover the bad acne spots and try to go on with life.  So, my skin looks like pooh right now.  I just have my hair pulled back in a pony.  My clothes are just meh

I stayed up too late last night reading a book and my allergies are going mad.  So I'm doubly puffy eyed and bleary with red itchy eyes and a stuffy nose (the Zyrtec is being overpowered I think).  We've had a few bad storms with lots of wind and I think it just kicked up a bunch of dust and pollen.

More maddening is that the book was not worth it.

Re: I look and feel like crap today

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    BOO on the book. What was it?

    Obviously I'm easily distracted.

    Also, remember that we're always much more critical of ourselves than others are.
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    It was the last of a trilogy that I had REALLY enjoyed, so I was irritated by it.  

    It was "Prospero Regained"; the first is "Prospero Lost", second "Prospero in Hell".

    Basically, it's life after Shakespeare's The Tempest for Prospero and his daughter Miranda.  You don't have to be familiar at all with the play to enjoy it.  

    Long trilogy short: Prospero ends up with a bunch of kids.  They're all eternally young (but not immortal).  Throughout the years, they've been keeping the fae world under control for humanity's safety.  

    The kids eventually drift away, leaving only Miranda in charge.  She's fine with that until Dad gets kidnapped and she finds a warning left behind basically saying, if you're reading this it's b/c I've made a huge mistake; warn your siblings.  She eventually gathers her siblings, along the way finding out Dad is in Hell (book 1) and they all go to rescue him, having a huge misadventure (book 2 and part of book 3).  

    It was really creative and interesting.  It was a bit religious but not enough to distract until Book 3.  Book 3 went over the top religious and also sexist on top of the religion (MIranda is raped, costing her everything, then is redeemed through love which gives her everything back) and b/c the author was so busy with all of that mess, the action slowed to a snail's pace while all the characters were busy talking about all that mess.  I just wanted to get to the end of it finally.
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    Oh how I feel you on the allergies.  I can't even close my mouth and breath.
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