Wedding Woes


we've been having a fruit fly problem in the apartment.  it's not us -- we don't keep any food out, much less fruit.  there is a swarm of them in the hallway, so it's coming from one of the other apts.

this happened last summer, and we called management then.  they said that they thought they knew which apt is was coming from and would take care of it.  so now it's six months later, and they're back.

so one of our neighbors is a hoarder of rotting fruit.  management sprayed (thanks for the notice, people) and it looks like the problem is taken care of in our apt, but we still see them in the hallway.  i got a faceful this morning, a la

i'm back on the phone with management, and they're all "oh, we know EXACTLY who you are,  we'll take care of it."

so i guess not wanting to live in a swarm of fruit flies = troublemaker.  i don't want them to spray again because i don't want to grow a foot out of my head or whatever -- i just want them to deal with the person THEY KNOW is causing the problem.  how am i the problem if i am not the one living in an insect-infested apt?
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