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Anybody have any ideas or experience on how to organise your seating? Mix the two families and friends or keep them seperated etc? gracias xx

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    Seat your guests with people they know. If you wind up with leftovers, do your best to match people up at tables where they will be able to strike up a conversation.

    People don't go to a wedding to make friends with people they don't know. They go to support the couple and also to catch up with their own friends and family. Not to get to know the groom's Aunt Mildred.
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    Seat families together.  If guests don't know anyone, put them at a table with people you think they'd get along with.
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    Please don't try to mix up the families.  Honestly, I've been MOB and MOG.  I was friendly and gracious to my kids-in-law's family, but I wasn't looking to become lifelong buddies with my SIL's aunt from Michigan.

    And I adore my BIL.  Absolutely adore him.  I met his sisters the day he and my sister were married 30 years ago.  I saw them for the second time at my niece's wedding.

    When I go to a wedding, it's a great chance to catch up with friends and family that I haven't seen in a while.  That's what's fun for me.
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    The only people who go to a wedding wanting to talk to new people are singles trying to hook up.  You can have the tables mixed up (so it isn't bride's family on one half of the room and groom's family on the other), but the tables themselves should consist of people who know each other.
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