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I know there's a Knot tipping guide, but curious what real people think/do. Some questions: what percentage and who do you tip?  If your caterering bill  includes an "administrative fee" percentage, how does that, if it does, affect tipping the catering staff? Do you tip your photographer, if he owns the business? The hair or makeup folks, if they own their business? The Maitre D? The florist? The cake baker who delivers the cake? The secular officiant? And how much? Thoughts? Suggestions? 

Re: tipping?

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    Typically if a person owns their own business you do not tip them.

    As far as how much you should tip them, well since tipping is voluntary, you tip them the amount that you think they deserve.  I generally only tip when the vendor has gone above and beyond what was contracted.  I feel like I am paying them for their service that we contracted but if they stay an extra hour or two (like with a photographer), or provide more flowers then what was discussed, or just was extremely helpful (such as the "lady in waiting" that was provided by my venue who was there to get me anything that I needed) then I tip.

    For hair and makeup, since the people I worked with were doing it on the side and not through the salon I did not tip them because the entire cost that I paid went directly into their pocket rather then having to give a precentage of that cost to the salon.  But if I did go through a salon I would have tipped 20-25%.

  • When a bill includes a service charge or administrative fee, it can mean different things.  You really need to ask the vendor directly to see if you need to tip on top of that fee, or if that is money that will be distributed as tips.

    I generally tip hair/makeup people that own their own business if they do a good job.  While they can set their own prices, they also bear the cost of overhead themselves.  Also, self-employed beauticians that I've gone to have been willing to stay late to squeeze me in or do things last minute, if requested. 

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    A tip is an extra amount paid beyond the charged services for a job well done.  So to me, it doesn't matter if they own their own business or not.  My MUA owns her business, but trust me, she made it known that she expected a tip.

    I generally used the TK's tipping sheet and I tipped:

    My MUA (20%)
    My DJ (10%)
    My ceremony musicians ($10 each).

    All my vendors were great.

    I verified with my venue that the "service charge" that they charged included gratuity for the hotel staff (because that is not always the case) but my MIL tipped the two Maitre D's that worked the reception and the morning after brunch $50 each because they were so outstanding.

    We did not tip our paid officiants.  My event planner sucked so she did not get a tip.

    I did not tip my florist, photographer, or cake vendor.  But I did write glowing reviews for all my vendors and continue to recommend them every chance I get.
  • I tipped my hair & makeup artists 20%.

    My venue charged a 20% service fee that did NOT include gratuity (the pay their servers a "real" wage and not the $2.30/hr waitresses make) so I asked for the number of servers and tipped them each $75, rather than a 15% on the entire catering bill. 

    I tipped the DJ, who did not own the company, about 17%.

    I did not tip: florist, baker, or photographer as they own their own businesses. I didn't tip the wedding planner because she didn't deserve it. 
  • We tipped the hair stylist and flower delivery guy.  The venue had gratuity included, as did the limo service.  My dj and cake baker owned theiir own business.  We had a tip for our JOP but she took off so fast we didn't give it to her.  
  • if someone deserves a tip I tip them! it's a reward for an outstanding job. it doesn't matter to me if someone owns their business or not-if they do an awesome job they get a tip.


  • I've been wondering about tipping photo booth attendants, I don't think it was included in TK tipping guide when I last checked. What do you ladies think about that? Thanks!
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