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large cake reception folllowed by small reception on the same day

My fiance and I have  A LOT of friends and family.  Our ceremony location can hold all of our friends and family, but the nice reception place can only hold a small amount. we also do not have the budget to invite everyone to a nice dinner.  We were thinking about inviting everyone to a quick cake reception then going to our smaller reception location with our really close family and friends.  Is this rude? Any advice?

Re: large cake reception folllowed by small reception on the same day

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    Yeah...  I think this is kind of rude. 

    Can you host a nicer rehearsal dinner the night before? 
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    Yes, this is rude.  It's known as a tiered reception and it's rude to only feed a small portion of your guests.  

    Advice: only invite as many people as you can afford to both the ceremony and reception.  
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    I don't think it's a problem to take your immediate families out to dinner at a nice restaurant once the large reception is over.

    I *DO* think it's rude to host a nicer party in the reception hall; to invite more than your immediate families to the nicer reception; to do any kind of special dances, cake cutting, etc. at the nicer party; and/or to rush the cake reception so you can get on with the nicer dinner.
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