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reception timeline

i think i have an idea of when to do what....but i cant make up my mind.  what's everyone else doing?

Re: reception timeline

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    Your DJ or event planner can help you if you have one.  Here was ours:

    Ceremony (7:00)
    Bride and Groom announced (8:10)
    First dance (we didn't do any other special dances)
    Welcome by grooms parents (this could also be a blessing) (8:15)
    Cake/toasts (9:30)
    Dancing (special dances could go here)
    Bouquet/garter (10:30)
    More dancing
    Last dance for guests (11:20)
    Private B&G last dance (11:25)
    Exit (11:30)
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    Generally, the DJ takes charge of the timing. 
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    The DJ will usually take charge but you can provide him the timeline or see what he suggests before hand.
    Ours is something like this:

    Ceremony 5:30-6:00
    Brief Pictures with parents, hors d'oeuvres passed by staff
    Mariachis entrance while dinner is served 6:30-7:30
    1st dance at 7:30
    Open dancing
    Cake/toasts at 8:30
    More dancing
    bouquet/garter toss 9:30
    Open dancing
    Last B&G dance 11:25
    Exit 11:30

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    6pm ceremony
    6:30-7:30 cocktail hour
    7:30-midnight reception

    At the reception we did the grand entrance/introductions, then toasts, then dinner, then the spotlight dances, then cake, then general dancing and partying.  We didnt' follow a strict timeline for this because I think it just flows more naturally if you don't.
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