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pink and blue...too baby showerish?

My girls are wearing an Alfred Angelo dress in marine blue but I want the the majority of the details in shades of pink (some bright some pale). Is this too baby showerish, my Mom told me it is.

Re: pink and blue...too baby showerish?

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    Nope. If I know the color you are talking about it is a darker blue (right?) Even if it were a light blue it wouldn't be. Pastels are concidered traditional wedding colors, and nobody would say "Hey the dresses are blue and everything else is pink, it must be a baby shower." I really like this color combo and concidered it for my wedding, so I think it is fine.
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    Unless you have decorations for a baby shower, that will be the last thing on people's minds. If you wnat, you can always add splashes of other colors such as lavender or mint green.
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    One of the prettiest weddings I have ever been to was pink and blue.  I thought it was weird too when I heard about it but it was beautiful.
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    It would only be baby shower if you were doing baby blue and soft pink.  With that blue, use some brighter, bolder shades of pink.

    We did navy and pink.  PIB.  Totally not baby anything.
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    Just avoid a very pale pink and you'll be fine.  I'm not a fan of hot, neon pinks, but I think sort of a dusky rose shade would look awesome with the marine.
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    You should go with whatever color makes you happy.  I have an opposite problem with my mom.  I ask her about EVERYTHING and she's so afraid of stepping alll over my wedding that she just tells me to do what makes me happy.  Sweet mom.  :-) 

    Good luck!!!
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