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Alternatives for chair covers?

The only place in my area that rents out those white chair covers with ribbons tied to them costs $3.50 per chair...I multiplied that by the number of people I expect to have, and it came to over $500 - just for chair covers! Ridiculous. However, if we don;t have these, they're jsut standard conference room chairs, and they look pretty bad. Does anyone have any ideas for an alternative?

Re: Alternatives for chair covers?

  • I'm not a fan of the way most chair covers look so I would just leave the chairs as is. Chairs are something that people really don't notice unless you draw attention to them with ribbons and covers.
  • There are plenty of rental companies that will mail you chair covers and they will probably look better than those bulky god awful white ones. You can always research if you can find something more worthwhile to spend your money on for chair covers. You should google around.

    I am torn in the whole 'no one notices chairs debate.' I know I certainly do, and I think well placed furniture can really draw together a look or a room. I also think really ugly chairs are obvious. But, I am am willing to concede the majority of people probably don't.
  • Well said, TRIX!!
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  • I'm also torn on the subject. I do think they look nice. I had them, but my venue included them ... I honestly don't know if I would have spent "extra" on them if they weren't.

    $3.50  per cover actually sounds like a good price to me. Most of the venues I shopped wanted at least $5.00, and there was one that wanted $7.00 for just the covers, and an additional $3.00 for the ribbons (Which would have been an extra $1,000 total. Yikes!).

    But, at the same time, I agree with Trix in the sense that your guests will criticize bad food, awful bar or a lousy DJ a lot worse than they would ugly chairs. Nobody ever walks out of a reception saying "Oh, that was so much fun ... but those chairs were such a let-down!".

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  • Not having researched it, it probably costs more... but did you check out renting chairs?

    Also, I'm not covering mine because cost is too much, I am also focusing on those other things people above mentioned.

    I don't know how many people you have, how much money you have, etc., but for the prom I organized in high school, we had a small armada of women actually sew seat covers. That said someone would have to put them on...
  • I think linen and chair covers make a room go from bare to glam.  They really make them stand out.  I may be biased since I rent my covers out.  To me $3.50 is a little expensive to rent but maybe appropriate if buying wholesale. 

  • Instead of spending $500 on the chair covers, I'm using that money on uplighting.  It creates a nice color ambience.  Also, the special lighting will take the focus off the chairs. 

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