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Spin on garter/bouquet toss

Hey ladies -

I know this tradition doesn't really go over well on here anymore.  It's outdated, people get squeamish at the thought of family watching FI go up your skirt, etc.  I'm DEFINITELY not traditional, and frankly, couldn't care less whether we go through with the tosses or not.  However, FI is a bit more traditional (just a tiny bit), and has said this is the one tradition he wants to do, and since he's ok with most of my ideas for the wedding, I thought this is something I would give him.  Neither of us has a lot of single friends (most are at least in some kind of relationship), so I was thinking of how to go about this without making the few single people feel uncomfortable.  How do you all feel about getting everyone involved (who wants to participate) and maybe doing a small favor for whoever catches the respective item?  Like a small spa gift certificate for the ladies (from a nation-wide spa so out-of-towners don't feel left out), and something similar but guy-related for the men?  Is this totally tacky, ridiculous, etc.?  Or do you think it's a good compromise?
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