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Is this Centerpiece 'Too Busy'?

Our reception is in a hotel ballroom (with no windows) and we are having 20-25 guest tables, along with head table, gift table, etc. We LOVE this centerpiece and plan to do a version SIMILAR (with lime green roses, using a black square vase instead of the pink, and our branches are much fuller). HOWEVER, we are afraid this centerpiece will be too high, or too busy to put on all 25 of the tables! We have several other ideas for lower centerpieces for half of the tables, but they are almost double the price of our branch centerpieces. Do you think 25 of these would be too many in 1 ballroom?

Re: Is this Centerpiece 'Too Busy'?

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    It might be. I want to do something similar with tall branches that have blossoms and wheats and greens...however, I was going to try to put them in taller vases to sort of contain the branches. 
    I just visited this venue and there was a pic of another wedding where they used tall centerpieces on every other table and all the others had small vases with candles on the inside. It was really nice. 
    something to consider. 
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    im doing my tall centerpieces with the birch branches and crystals but like previous comment mine are going in a tall vase so that its not in everyones eye site

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    I don't think so.  The only problem I would see is if the branches were so busy that people couldn't see other guests across the table.  
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    i plan on using about half / half. Half of my centerpieces will be branch, the other half will be low floral arrangements. i will put the tall branch centerpieces on the tables closest to the walls and the lower arrangements in the center of the room. 

    If the room is sort of dramatic I dont think it will be too much. Keep the rest of the tablescape simple and i think you will be fine. 
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    I don't think they're at all too busy. I like them and personally think you lose a lot of the wow factor by doing half lower centerpieces. I'd do them all tall. And I wouldn't worry about being able to see -- the branches are open enough that it shouldn't disrupt sight lines.
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    No I don't think they're too busy at all! I am doing something very similar as well except I am putting white hydrangeas at the top of the vase with the sticks coming out of the flowers.  Guests may not be able to see across the table but oh well, they'll only be sitting there for a little bit! I saw the idea online somewhere and I loved it.
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    I don't think it's busy but i was going to do something similar with taller vases...think about people sitting and trying to talk

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    Not exactly too "busy", but a little too bushy in the middle.  I'd either trim out some of the smaller twiggy branches, or leave off the crystals, it doesn't need both.

    If you're going for the Japanese "Ikebana" style of arrangement, the branches need to be simpler, almost sparse, and a different container, one with simple lines that has a little more visual weight that "anchors" the simple branches. 
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