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Need a beautiful, budget friendly venue with Atrium in/around NY

So I found 2 really nice Venues, within our budget, but then go to recheck my list of invites and realize most of the people are probably not coming (I have a lot of family who may no longer be able to travel due to health and financial reasons) so now we are way under the minimum of the venue! It sounded awesome at first that we may have less people because Hey, we are on a budget! But then we realized our places are even more limited then when we were trying to stay within a lower price range.

We live in Bronx, NY, we are willing to travel to Westchester, Long Island (within 30 minutes), and maybe even New Jersey. And we are looking for a Friday night
We originally started with 200 invites, and we have about 110 people who will certainaly come.

Does anyone know a place in New York (preferably near the Bronx, Westchester, Long Island) that is in the lower price range and has an attrium room? Or something with a really nice view? And that has a minimum closer to 100 but can hold closer to 200?


Re: Need a beautiful, budget friendly venue with Atrium in/around NY

  • i know new york botanical gardens does weddings in the atrium area. no idea about what you mean by 'lower price range' though. there's also the place at the foot fo the throgs neck bridge in queens.

    but you also have to assume that all invited WILL come or your #s will probably be messed up.


  • Definitely check out your local boards to the left.  This is a national board with people from all over, so you'll probably get more suggestions by posting in a forum of people from your area.
  • alithebride - Thank you for your comment
    by lower price range I mean around $100 or under.
    I believe botanical gardens has a pretty high minimum as well. And they are $125+
    I also can't assume that most people will come, I am really doubting a lot of them will come. Many people either are dealing with health problems or financial problems. A big chunk of my family is either coming from italy or no longer live in New York.
    One part of my family KNEW they were 100% coming (they called every time to ask if we had a date) may not be able to make it. My uncle suffered a stroke and is in a coma, it doesn't look good :'( There's just a lot of uncertain situations (and italy is not a cheap trip). It almost feels like I am planning a destination wedding because its a question of who is willing to travel. My own grandma isn't coming because she says she is too old to travel. It's kinda sad.
    Most importantly I don't want to end up paying for 20+ people that don't show up.

    goobersinlove - Thanks, I am new at these forums. I will try that.
  • It might not have everything you want, but, it looks pretty and the price is right. The place is in NJ, they have two in Pa.
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