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Any thoughts on having beer stines engraved to match the toasting flutes?  my FI and i are big beer lovers and want it to look nice at the same time.

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    I think it would be nice, it is your personal touch, any magazine I read says to put your own personal touch on things to make it mean more to you
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    I say go for it.
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    I work with a girl who gave personalized beer steins for favors and they were a HUGE hit! The bride was initially hesitant but they came out great!! I would say go for want the wedding to reflect you. 
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    I LOVE the idea!!  Thats your thing and your wedding should reflect you and your fiance.
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    Thanks I think im going to go for it. now i just need to fine a place to buy them :)
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    is this for a favor or just for you 2? since you said 'like the flutes' i assume it's jsut for you?
    if not-i leave anything personalized iwth someone elses names and dates behind. i have plenty of glassware and don't want someone elses info on them.


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    Perhaps personalize two beer steins for you two in place of champagne toasting flutes, and if you were thinking of giving steins as favors, and would like to perosnalize them (my FI and I thinking are thinking of doing something similar), perhaps leave the engraving simple, like a heart, a flower, a seashell, something to reflect your wedding besides names and dates.  That way, the glassware can be incorporated more easily into an existing cupboard. :)

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