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Mother Daughter Dance

Hi friends!

I need some help thinking of a Mother Daughter dance song.  My Dad passed away when I was 12 and my Mom did everything for me.  I really want a special song for her. I am deciding between In my Daughters Eyes, by Martina McBride or Slipping Through my fingers from the Mama Mia movie soundtrack.  I am a crying mess listening to these songs.  I didn't know it was going to effect me like this.  I guess its the thought of my Dad not being there and my leaving my Mom at the same time.  STUPID BRIDE EMOTIONS!

Anyway let me know what you think or if anyone else has used any other songs.
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Re: Mother Daughter Dance

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    Mama's Song by Carrie Underwood makes me tear up everytime I hear it.  It's about a mother raising her daughter right and now she's getting married.  I don't know if it would really work but it's still a really good song.
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    If you are worried that you will cry, do you really want to participate in this tradition?  I just think that tears (unless they are tears of joy) should be avoided if at all possible.  Your guests will be uncomfortable.  Your mom may be uncomfortable.  You probably don't want to be in the bathroom composing yourself and fixing make up.  Etc.

    I personally would privately tell my mom how much I appreciate her love and support and then skip this dance entirely. 

    Hopefully your wedding day can be all smiles. 
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    I am using Mama's Song by Carrie Underwood. The moment I heard that song I knew is was the one. I was also considering Vieanna by Billy Joel. That song has a lot of meaning and sums me up:)
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    I am also dancing with my mom and we decided on Martina McBride's In My Daughters Eyes.  My mom LOVES this song and it sums us up completely.  Good luck.
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    I like Mama by Boyz II Men
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    hmm i have yet to figure out a song for my mother/daughter dance.....ugh...i hope you have found which one you'll do though :)
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    i'm using "Can;t smile without you" by Barry Manilow...its a little more upbeat but still very sweet.
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