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Colours... Would this be atrocious?

Hi guys,

We're getting married on August 9, 2013 and we're starting to look at colour schemes.  We're leaning toward blue (like a 'light' navy) and silver.  I'm wondering how this would look with black bridesmaids dresses.  I've seen a few pictures of black dresses, but more with brighter colours than that blue.

I guess the real reason that I want black dresses is so that the bridesmaids can wear them again.  Do you think that they could wear a navy dress, if it wasn't too bridesmaidy, again?

We both really like the light navy colour, but I'm worried about it looking too dark in an August wedding.

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Re: Colours... Would this be atrocious?

  • Navy would be fine.  Anywhere you can wear a little black dress, you can wear a little navy dress.  Don't worry about the season, choose the colors you want.
  • I personally hate black and blue together but that's just me. If it works for you go for it.,
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  • If you are thinking of a "royal" blue then I think they look great together. Especially with tasteful silver accents. I also agree that a navy dress should be very versitle for a wear again option as it can easily be dressed up or down. Maybe go shopping with a couple of the bridesamids and have them try on the same dress in black and blue and decide what you like best.
  • I don't like the blue and black together, personally. I would go for your navy bridesmaid dresses! Navy is a very good color that can be worn just as much as black! :)
  • I personally think that black and navy (when done right) look incredibly posh together.  Obviously, wearing a navy pair of slacks with a black suit jacket looks mismatched.  But girls dressed in all black alongside navy elements like decor would look very chic. 

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