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Fake flowers in centerpieces?

For my centerpieces i am immersing flowers into water and then putting floating candles on top of them.  I want silk blue and purple orchids, does anyone know where i can find these flowers?

also has anyone done this with fake flowers before? My flowers and the wedding parties will be real but i would rather fake for the centerpieces because they will be in water and were supposed to set up a couple days before the wedding.
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Re: Fake flowers in centerpieces?

  • I've read that you need to do a trial run first to ensure the color doesn't bleed.
    I'm going to be doing the same thing, but with white flowers. I'm ordering a few from a site online to make sure they hold up OK, and I would suggest doing the same. Then, once I ensure they are the quality/look I'm going for, I'll order the rest of them.
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  • Helsy85Helsy85 member
    Im getting silk flowers from not sure if they have orchids though!
  • I think fake flowers or real are fine! Everyone is different. I've been to several weddings both with real and fake and I didn't notice the difference either way...
  • I bought fake flowers and had the same idea. Everything worked fine until I put the candle on top and realized that the flower would hit the candle. Even after cutting the flower down and putting it deeper into the pebbles, it still managed to wiggle it's way out of the pebbles. I'm worried about it hitting the flame and causing a fire, so I just eliminated the water and the candle, threw some rose petals in and it looks fine!

    I think maybe if you somehow attached something to the bottom of the flower as an anchor it would work, but at that point I was ready to give up, plus I won't worry about something going wrong.
  • try, it's where i get my silks from
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