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Original ideas instead of a guestbook???

I am all about being original and creative with our wedding, but I am having a hard time thinking of ideas on something for guests to do to paticipate instead of a guestbook.  I would have really loved a photobooth, but it was just not in the budget.  I would like to do something that lets the guests write something (marriage advice, jokes, well wishes, etc) but do it more original than just the standard guestbook.  Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Re: Original ideas instead of a guestbook???

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    YesWeddingCreations brings you a sophisticated unique wedding guestbook for your wedding day! Custom personalized wine labels that come gift boxed with a paint pen and organza bags all set for you to have a one of a kind wedding guestbook. Guests sign your wine bottles as they would a traditional guestbook. You will be able to open each bottle of wine years to come on your chosen anniversary dates. Wether it be your First Year, Fifth year, or Tenth Year Anniversary you will sip and toast reminiscing as you read each signature from that very special wedding day. They also give you it in a nice presented gift box with organza bags for each wine bottle.

    It explains more at the site which is

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