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Can the Mother-Son Dance be before the Father-Daughter Dance?

   I have an idea for my father-daughter dance, but I don't want it to seem too long, since it will be 2 full songs for me and my dad, and just one song for my fiance and his mom. 
   My song with my dad is Bread's Everything I Own, but everytime anyone asks about any song, my dad always says Nazareth's Hair of the Dog, as a joke. He even said it as the Father-Daughter Dance. So as a joke and also because it is awesome, I want to do a regular FD Dance song and a fun one, pretty much to make fun of my dad. The song would be played anyway sometime during the evening.
   So Can the Mother-Son Dance be first or should I just have a long Father-Daughter Dance followed by the Mother-Son Dance?
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Re: Can the Mother-Son Dance be before the Father-Daughter Dance?

  • I don't think it would upset anyone to have the Mother-Son dance first. However, I think it'd be strange to watch you dance to two songs. Plus, that's a long time to be on the dance floor by yourselves. It might be better to just have the second dance later in the night.
  • No one cares what order the dances are in, people just want them to be over.  I would not have multiple father-daughter dances.  Pick one for the spotlight dance, and you can have the other played during the evening and dance with your father again during open dancing.  

    I would not choose the one that makes fun of him for the spotlight dance.  Even if you think it's something he will like, a child's wedding can be really emotional, and I wouldn't risk upsetting him.

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