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This is going to sound stupid, but...what's in a reception?

I've been to only one reception...I was 7, I think, and I don't remember it.

I'm pretty clueless about the whole thing.  I (mostly) know what I'm doing for decorations, food (buffet style), etc., but then I'm lost.

How does it go?  The people walk in and greet the groom and long do we stand there?  Then do we just go and start playing music after that (we're using an ipod or laptop)?  How do we announce the mother-son and father-bride dance?  And then what...just turn off the music and say "okay it's time to cut some cake!"  That seems kind of cheesy...I wish I had a reception I could go to so I could get an IDEA.

Sorry for so many questions, but I'm just lost here.  What other activities/things are in a reception?
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