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synthetic flower center pieces

Is it tacky to use synthetic flowers in my center pieces???

Re: synthetic flower center pieces

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    Depends on the quality I guess, I've seen some really good fake flowers. But 99 cent store variety probably will look cheap.

    There are alternatives to flower centerpieces though. What style of wedding are you going for, rustic, elegant, and what colors are you using? I can look for some other inexpensive ideas.
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    Tacky? No. Not as long as they are well done. Do you have allergies or is it a cost issue? I'm doing non-floral centerpieces (terrariums made from apothecary jars with with river rocks, moss, and live ferns). But there are alternatives like books or candles. Martha Stewart weddings has some really cute non-floral centerpieces.

    If you want real flowers, but are concerned with the cost, you can buy in bulk and do it yourself or if that sounds like too much to do, you can go talk to a florist and say I have $x what can you give me? You can consider more inexpensive flowers or flowers that are in season.
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    bigvoice - Your centerpieces look great! I love that idea and will likely do something like that myself.
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    What will you do with the fake flowers after?  No one wants to take them home.
    dont make ur password so easy. gbck2CA2 hahahaha
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    Where can I get the fake flowers in a bulk or cheap? What about vases, where can I buy cheap vases too? 
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    Not sure about the flowers, but the vases can be found at
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    I personally think fake flowers are always tacky. They defy the entire purpose and point of flowers.
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