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Trees inside...

I'm getting married in this beautiful space in Northern VT - but room has 45' ceilings.  I'm thinking of bringing in some trees - cover w white lights - and hanging a few white lanterns to make the dancefloor feel like you're dancing in a garden.  There's a half wall wrapping around the dancefloor so I can put the trees up on there - so I don't need super tall ones.
Anyone tried anything like this before?
Know of any photos online?
Should I buy trees? Try to grow trees (lol)? Can I do flowering trees? Should I just cut branches off of trees?
Thanks for any suggestions!

Re: Trees inside...

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    Here is a picture I found when I googled for it:

    Google it and see what else you can come up with.

    Does the venue have any large plants you can use? Check our local craft stores hobby lobby usually has large plants that look more like trees since they are so big. 

    Grow the tree? Seriously? Lol

    You are not gonna be able to get actual trees..more like large plants.

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    some nursuries will let you rent trees,
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    I have rented birch trees from party decor places for a house party I threw, they came covered in white lights and were not too expensive (I think $25 each). For our wedding we are having 12' birch trees and 12' manzanita trees, for an enchanted forest feel! I think instead of having them covered in lights, they will be uplighted. 
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    A decorating rule of thumb is to draw the eye AWAY from what you are trying to hide or minimize.  If you take your decortations up high, it will draw the eye upward, calling attention to the overwhelmingly tall ceilings. 

    I'd keep the focus down low, on the tables and dance floor, at eye level or lower with lots of candles or alternate lighting.  If you can, keep the overhead lighting dim, or add twinkly lights to mimic the outdoors on a starry night. 

    But I do like the idea of putting potted green plants, or vases full of tall branches on the half wall surrounding the dancefloor, I just wouldn't try to go too high.  Maybe hang reflective crystals or tea lights from the branches. 
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