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Love at first site?

My FI and I were doing research on different venues online, working out what we felt comfortable with within our budget (my dad’s paying).  I really wanted to have the reception someplace nice, at a country club or other facility, so that’s the kind of place on which I focused the majority of my research. (Our other option “tiers” are to rent a fire hall, or use the church gym.)

We found one site that was several thousand dollars cheaper than the others, and arranged a visit last weekend. I fell in love with it immediately, despite promising that I’d be willing to consider different options before making our final decision. Last weekend, we also managed to arrange visiting a second, similar place – an Irish inn in the mountains – that was much more expensive. Both FI and I agreed that even if the prices had been the same, we liked the first place more.

My dad is irritated that we haven't made more appointments to look at more places. I tried to explain to him that, at this "tier," there doesn't seem (to me) to be much difference between different sites other than price. Our next step is to look at other tiers, like the fire hall, and see how that compares against this first site.

Should I be looking at more sites? With fiances and wedding dresses, once you find The One you stop looking, but I don't know if that applies to reception venues!

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