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Hanging pictures at the reception?

I've seen a few different receptions where pictures were hung from the ceiling...has anyone tried this (or plan to try this)? I'm trying to decide if it is logistically worth the hassle...

Re: Hanging pictures at the reception?

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    I'm fairly certain the venue will allow it, but I will definitely ask. I'm actually not sure what pictures to hang...I love photographs, I'm the person with the camera in her hand 99% of the time. I've seen two examples of it done, one included pictures of the bride and groom at various ages and together and the other used polaroids taken of guests as they arrived at the reception. I'm trying to find the picture I saw of this...I really liked it, but I'm worried it won't look like I imagine it should look.
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    Poloroid photos are pretty small. You'd have to hang them really low for people to see them, and then people would be bumping into them all night. Take some lattice boards, paint them in your wedding colors, and put the pictures all over them. Then people can look at them at their leisure. Another idea that my DD did for her wedding was to make a huge foam board collage of pictures of she and her DH. She trimmed them to all different sizes and completely covered the foam board with photos from infancy to adult. It was displayed by their cake table, and people really enjoyed it.
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